Catit Senses Circuit and Water Fountain – The Best Cat Toy Review Ever

Hello everyone. Today Ziva Abby and myself are reviewing some cat products from I should really confess now that this may not oficially be the best review cat toy review ever, but it does have lots of pictures of the girls and even a short video at the end, so I figure it has to come in the top 10. produce a wide range of items for cats. The ones that particularly caught my eye were the Senses 2 Super Circuit, the  Senses 2 Fireball and the Flower Fountain. water fountain reviewed by Abby The Cat

A brown cardboard box with a white label on the front. The label shows a cat drinking out of the flower water fountain.

Abby is the only one of our girls who openly drinks out of their water bowl so she was the obvious choice to help me review the flower fountain. She took an immediate interest in the box when we got it out.

The water fountain is designed for cats who don’t like drinking from bowls. It is apparently quite common for cats to prefer drinking moving water. It is also said that cats are sensitive to the chemicals in tap water.

The Catit water fountain has a small pump that pushes water out a hole in the top of the fountain. It also has a filter that helps remove the chemicals. It comes with three flow settings. Without the flower for a gentle moving flow over the central area. With just  the white flower inserted it produces for a calm stream of water or with the yellow centre it produces a bubbling stream.

Over the course of 3 days we tried all the different settings. Abby definitely prefered the gentle flow setting.

A tortie cat drinking out of the cat fountain. The cat fountain looks like a white bucket with a green lid with water bubbling up from a hole in the middle senses 2 circuit  and senses 2 fireball reviewed by Madam Ziva

Black and white cat looking at a brown box containing the catit senses 2 circuit and the senses 2 fireball in its packaging sat om top of the box

Ziva was the obvious choice to review the cat circuit. She loves playing with cat toys, especially chasing balls.

In typical cat fashion Ziva took  a liking to the boxes that the circuit came in. Mr A was more impressed with the circuit itself. It comes in interlocking pieces. 4 straight pieces, 4 curved pieces  2 pieces with a bump in them and 2 end pieces mean there are a huge number of different circuits that can be made. The idea behind the circuit is to provide a track that cats can pat balls around on without the balls getting under feet or lost under furniture (which is generally where all Ziva’s balls end up).

The super curcuit set up in an oval design

The senses curcuit set up as an oval with open ends.

There are holes in the top of each piece and gaps between each piece for cats to reach in and pat the balls on the circuit. The green covers can also be removed to allow cats more access to the balls on the circuit. The circuit comes with a plain  ball, but the fireball ball has motion activated flashing lights for even more cat stimulation.

Black and white cat stood in the middle of the senses circuit

Black and white cat sat in the middle of the senses circuit looking at the camera

Initially Ziva wasn’t too keen on playing with the super circuit. She was happy to sit in the centre of the circuit and have her photo taken (a proper blogger cat) but despite Mr A and myself pushing the balls along the track she wouldn’t play with them.

However, I came into the livingroom today and saw THIS!!

CATagoric proof that the Catit super circuit is a winner with Ziva. She has played with it several times since I took the video and genuinely seems to love it.

Both the fountain and the circuit has proved to be winners with the girls. I plan on checking out the site for further toys for tbe girls in the future.

Have you ever bought a cat fountain or senses circuit? Do you think your cat would like one?

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  1. Susan Mann

    November 14, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    That is brilliant. My cat would love this. xx

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