Doctor Who – The Pyramid At The End Of The World – Week 7

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Hello everyone. We are now halfway through this series of Doctor Who and I think most people will agree that it is one of the best in several years.

The pyramid at the end of the world is the second of three featuring the monks and shows The Doctor possibly more vulnerable than we have ever seen him before.

Overview – The Pyramid At The End Of The World

Following the advice given to her last week, Bill seeks out a proper date with her crush Penny. The date goes far better than the simulated one until  the Secretary General of The United Nations soldiers burst in on them demanding to know where the Doctor is.

Bill is told The Doctor holds a title,  President of The World which becomes an active role when ever the earth was in danger.  Bill finds  The Doctor in the TARDIS but he is not keen to go with the UN soldiers. However the decision is taken away from him when they kidnapped the TARDIS with him inside.

Their destination is  Turmezistan. The site where the three most powerful armies in the world, the Russians, Americans and Chinese were in a standoff. It was also incidentally the location of a previous alien invasion from the Zygons.

The cause of concern for the UN is the appearance of a 5000 year old pyramid. The Doctor soon establishes it is the Monks were behind the sudden appearance. The monks subsequently demonstrate their powers by preventing the armies from bombing the pyramid. Later they show the Doctor, Bill, Nardole and the army leaders an apocalyptic vision of the future if the earth.

Following the future visions, the monks offer everyone a tradeoff.  They will stop the events that lead to the apocalypse but only if the world surrenders to them.

The Doctor warns against giving consent to the monks, but the army leaders conveniently forget he is president of the world and ignore his advice. However the monk  not accept their consent  as it is given through fear or tactics.

The Doctors figures if he can prevent the sequence of events that would cause the apocalypse, he will take away the monks bargaining powers.  He eventually discovers the location of the pyramid and the presence of the three armies are red herrings and the real danger comes from a simple human mistake in a biological experiment lab in the UK. The Doctor manages to construct a bomb that will destroy the lab and subsequently the threat but due to his blindness, he ends up trapped with the bomb.

He finally confesses his blindness to Bill in a phone call as he explains his predicament. Bill takes it upon herself to do whatever is needed to save the president of the world, by offering her consent to the monks in exchange for the return of the Doctors sight. The Doctors sight is restored and he escapes but with the knowledge of what Bill had done.


As this was the second of a three-part story, many of the themes of the past weeks have been temporarily shelved. Instead most of the conversations ive had with other whovians  this week  have focused on working out the possible outcomes of this particular story.

The overall opinion of many people I’ve chatted to this week is there were a lot of gaps in the storyline and several things that didn’t completely make sense.

Where were Unit?

This was the first question that came to mind last Saturday. Aliens land a pyramid in the middle of a potential war zone but there wasn’t even the slightest mention of Unit or Martha Jones.

There was also the question of how the United Nations soldiers knew about Bill, where she lived and her connection with the Doctor without knowing where the Doctor was himself.

These things have led some people to think maybe the monks simulation is still ongoing. Or possibly it is just oversights in the writing.

Who are the monks?

This is something I touched on last week. We have a little more information about them. We know their image is still being manipulated although its unclear why would they  chose to look like corpses.

The robes they wear are more understandable. The monks expressed a need to be loved and worshiped by those they rule, and monks are respected figures in our society. Their desire to be loved was shown in their rules of giving consent. They only accepted Bills consent as it was given through love of the Doctor .

There are some things about the monks that at this stage are unclear. If they such power that they can manipulate planes  submarines and even materialise pyramids, why don’t they just take over the earth. Why do they need consent.

Secondly how did they restore the Doctors sight? It seems another example of  poor script writing to just put out that they can do these things without some sort of explanation.

The vault

We saw little of the vault in this weeks episode, but there were clips of Missy in the trailer for next weeks episode. There are also clips of The Doctor saying he is working with the monks and of Bill shooting the Doctor.

We know from the synopsis of next weeks episode that the monks use Bills consent to alter the worlds memories and write themselves into history. Bill appears to be the only one unaffected by the mass delusion, probably because she gave consent.

I believe Nardole, who I assume was merely unconscious as opposed to dead at the end of this weeks episode will tell Bill about Missy and her relationship with the Doctor. They will open the vault to ask Missy to help them save the Doctor. I believe Missy will goad Bill into shooting the Doctor because she will hope by regenerating he will be free of the monks mind control.

This weeks episode gave us far more questions than answers. I hope everything will be made much clearer next week.

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