Doctor Who Theories – Knock Knock – Week 4

Doctor Who Theories

We are now in week 4 of the new series and the theories, themes and guesses about future episode plotlines are expanding leading to some very interesting conversations between myself and my fellow whovians on Twitter.  To see how these have developed  over the past few weeks check out last weeks post here.

‘Knock knock’ Overview

This weeks episode Knock Knock was a big nod to the traditional haunted house genre. Bill and 5 uni friends need to find somewhere to live but are short on funds. After viewing some very unsuitable properties they are approached by a gentleman who just so happens to have a house to let.

The house is naturally large, old and very creepy. As an interesting sidenote I found out later in the week from a fellow whovian Mia who writes Hodgepodge Blog that the house used in this episode is actually the same property  they used as Wester Drumlins, the Weeping Angels house in  ‘Don’t Blink’.

The students move into the house and on their first night there encounter strange knocking sounds in the walls and ultimately killer lice who want to consume them and make them part of the house.

This episode bought us back to one of the themes that my whovian friends originally identified in week one.


The obvious family reference comes when Bill is caught off guard when asked her connection to the Doctor and  on the spur of the moment calls him her grandfather, much to his annoyance.

But deeper than that is the family connection between the landlord and his daughter/mother and how both of them were prepared to sacrifice the lives of others just to stay together. The strength of their connection was summed up in the question the landlord asks the Doctor “If you could save the one that bought you into the world wouldn’t you?”  The Doctors non response to the question actually said a lot. I wonder if this has any relevance to the person he is guarding/protecting in the vault. It has been suggested in the past that the Doctor and The Master may actually be related,
Or could it be a different family member (please let it be the Doctors daughter).

The Vault

Obviously the big mystery at the moment is still the identity of the person/monster in the vault. All sensible money is on either The Master or Missy at the moment. This theory was strengthened this week by Nardoles annoyance at the Doctor giving them a piano (suggesting they can’t be trusted even with ordinary objects) and their apparent happy reaction to hearing  a house was eating humans.


I have read on a couple of Doctor Who fan sites this week criticisms that yet again The Doctor solved the problem with words rather than actions. The complaint being that they wanted more action, but actually I think the emphasis on words in this series so far could be an indication of where things maybe developing.

In episode 1 the Doctor talks about things rhyming, in episode 3 Lord Sutcliffe sarcastically compliments the Doctor on the rhythm of his speech about the value of a species. Words used as a weapon is not a new idea in Doctor Who. In ‘The Shakespeare Code’ we saw Shakespeare’s words being used to open up a portal between worlds. Could The Doctor use words as a weapon in future episodes?.

Humans Using Aliens

This is a theme that has been evident since episode one but is something we have only now began to see as a possible theme.

In each of the episodes so far humans have used aliens or alien technology to their own ends. This was not explicit in episode one, but the liquid ship was acting on Heather’s desire for a friend (even though it had killed her first).

In episode 2 the vardy were used by the humans to build the new colony. In last weeks episode it was clear to see that the alien fish was being used and abused by Lord Sutcliffe and this week the landlord was using the lice to keep his mother alive.

I am proposing the idea that humans are emerging more as the bad guys in this series and wonder where that could lead. Is it possible that at some point in the future The Doctor may find himself defending aliens against humans?

As always I would love you to join in the Doctor Who conversion either here or on Twitter.

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      Oh me too. You need to catch up as it is has been awesome so far x

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