The Eaters Of Light- Doctor Who Theories – Week 10

Doctor Who Theories - The Eaters Of Light

Hello readers, The eaters of light is the tenth episode of the series and the last story before the 2 part series finale.

This is also my penultimate Doctor Who theory post, as there will be no more theories for me and my whovian friends to discuss following the last episode of the series. To catch up with our theories and how they have developed so far please click here.

Overview – The Eaters Of Light

The Doctor, Bill and Nardole go off on another trip, this time to Scotland 2AD to discover what happened to the lost 9th Legion.

It turns out Bill is a bit of a history buff. She’s sure she knows more about romans despite the Doctors insistence that he has lived, worked, in roman Britain.

Bill  goes a different way to look for the legion and finds what is left of them. The Doctor meanwhile comes across a band of Picts. Both tell the story of a monster who had destroyed the 9th Legion.

Bill, the Doctor along with the romans and Picts meet up again. They realise due to the magic of the Doctor they can understand each other. This brings the realisation that they’re not so different after all.

Working together they manage to trap the monster back in another dimension. However to stop others getting through someone must make the sacrifice and move over to the other dimension. The Doctor believes he is the one to do this, but the Picts prevent him. The Pict leader and remaining romans cross over instead.



I have mentioned before how in this series the Doctor prefers to resolve conflicts by talking rather than taking action. This was seen in episodes such as Knock Knock and last weeks episode The Empress of Mars.

In the eaters of light talking didn’t directly halt the danger. However by being able to understand one another literally and figuratively, the romans and Picts were able to work together to defeat the monster.

Missy and the vault

Well Missy is no longer a prisoner of the vault although she still appears to be very much a prisoner of the doctor. She is now working for the Doctor to maintain the Tardis engines. I think Missy complaining about the Doctor not servicing the Tardis does go some way to explaining why it took off in last weeks episode.


If you don’t want to find out what may be in store next week please stop reading now.

Right, for the rest of you…… Next weeks episode is titled World Enough and Time. In the preview in this weeks episode we appeared to see the Doctor sending Missy out on a sort of test adventure with Bill and Nardole to keep an eye on her.

We see Bill ask the Doctor to promise nit to let her die. This maybe very significant as it is known the Doctor will see one of his friends die in next weeks episode, someone he promised to protect. Obviously this could be Bill but it could also be Missy too.

It is known that John Simms version of the Master will be in next weeks  episode. It is possible that if Missy were the one to die, the Doctor may go back in time to see the Master in order to prevent her death.

Also next week we will see the return of the old style cybermen. However pictures released yesterday show both the Mondasian cybermen alongside the Ironman versions of the cyberman.

Are you looking forward to the series finale? Who do you think is going to die next week?

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  1. Adam

    June 22, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    This week’s episode was the clunker in what has been a really good series. It will be a shame to see Capaldi go as the scripts and he really gelled this series and I finally began to love him as the Doctor. Same with missy. With Capaldi and Moffat going I have a feeling they’ll clear house for the new series so I wouldn’t be surprised if Missy and Nardole go too. Talking of Nardole, who would have thought Matt Lucas would be a great companion?

    1. hooks_and_dragons

      June 22, 2017 at 8:37 pm

      Missy is definitely going, I have seen interviews with Michelle Gomez and she said she wouldnt stay on if her mates (Moffit and Capaldi) were gone. The new bloke in charge is the man who is responsible for Broadchurch, and is planning on adopting a one story per series approach. Gonna be a lot to get use to.

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