Doctor Who Theories – Week 2

We’re already 2 weeks into the new series of Doctor Who and it feels like a whole lot has happened. Unusually I haven’t much of a chance to discuss  whovian topics with Martyn this week, so the theories and opinions this week mainly my own.

Doctor Who Theories

Week 2 – Smile


This weeks episode saw The Doctor and Bill travelling to the future to find new but strangely unpopulated human colony city. I am loving the character of Bill. Although not classically smart she has great instincts and is already developing a good insight to how The Doctor ticks.

We saw another brief glimpse of Nardole in this episode. This is a bit frustrating, they need to start making proper use of the character or get rid of it completely as at the moment it is just a distraction.


This was not mentioned in any big way this week, except for when the Doctor called Nardole ‘mum’.

I’m thinking this could be the first of my theories to bite the dust, which is a shame as I still want to see the doctor’s daughter revived.


This is another theme that wasn’t mentioned in this weeks episode, but I don’t think I should bin it as a theme just yet.


This is a theme that followed through from week 1 although in a modified way.  There was a spaceship at the heart of the city in this weeks episode, but it was actually the little robots the Vardy that caught my attention more.

In last weeks post I identified two ways that the Tardis and the liquid spaceship were similar, they cold both shape shift to hide their identity and they both seemed to have some kind of consciousness.

These properties were definitely evident with the Vardy. Although they cannot individually shape shift, together they formed the city, thus disguising themselves in plain sight just as the Tardis should be able to do.

They also clearly had a consciousness of their own as The Doctor identified them as an emergent species in their own right.

I think there is the possibility of the Vardy playing a role in future episodes in this series.

The Vault

This is the theme that has been the main focus of the brief Doctor Who based conversations Martyn and myself have had this week.

We were given a tiny bit more detail on the vault this week. The Doctor did something a while ago and as a result of that something he made a promise and as a result of the promise he has to stay earth-bound.

This las led to much speculation and discussion on our part and here is what we have concluded.

1) The thing in the vault is a person or people.  We simply don’t believe the doctor would ground himself for years to protect a thing. He would have worked out how to disable or hide it before now.

We have debated whether the person (people) are being protected or imprisoned but have come to the conclusion that protection is more likely especially as last week a warning alarm went off when a student puked to close to the vault as it registered it as a biological attack.

Both Martyn and I picked things up from this episode that could further feed into the idea of there being someone in the vault who is being protected.

The Doctors reliance on taking shortcuts rather than his usual flamboyant rescues could be the sign of a guilty conscience. This could tie in with the ‘I did a thing, I made a promise’  speech he gave Bill.

If The Doctor did something in the past that has put a person or species at risk then his promise could be to protect them from the potential harm his actions had caused. This would explain The Doctors current subdued behaviour.

So there it is. We are starting to develop some proper theories here after just two weeks. It will be interesting to see how close (or not) to the mark we are.

Please if you are a whovian, join in the discussion in the comments or over on twitter with Martyn @Mr_Kitney and me @MrsA1974.

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  1. Sarah

    April 28, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    Doctor went back in time to give Bill the feeling of seeing her mother, she will confront the doctor in time.

    The vault is something he maybe protecting, but is it something to do with River? As he is a prossfeser in a university? But the vault could be a timlord secret as well

    1. hooks_and_dragons

      April 28, 2017 at 5:57 pm

      Ah yes, she is aware that the doctor rook those photos of her mum. As we know both The Master and Missy will be in future episodes it could well be a timelord secret in the vault xx

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