Have-a-go hero. Brave or foolish?

Good morning everyone, I hope you have all had a fun filled weekend and are ready to tackle the forthcoming week.

My week has started as usual with a trawl through the online news stories available via Facebook and twitter.

One story particularly grabbed my interest, a video posted on the Telegraph Facebook page (posted 4th July). The video showed CCTV footage of a pair of elderly gentleman barraging the door of a convenience store to prevent  a man who had just robbed the cashier at knifepoint from leaving the shop.

The video simultaneously shows footage from inside the shop of the robber trying to open the door, and then looking for other exits. He eventually finds a way upstairs and jumps from a first floor window onto the roof of a van below. He is then tackled by some burly builders and held till the police arrive to arrest him.

There are a large number of comments on the post, praising the gentlemen for their bravery. I however am not so sure it was a brave thing to do, and would go as far as to suggest they were in fact rather foolish.

The gentlemen holding the door closed, were obviously protected by the robber by that door, so were at very little physical risk of harm. They had however effectively locked the cashier in the shop with an increasingly agitated man who was in possession of a knife.

As luck would have it, the cashier wasn’t harmed and managed to escape the shop when the robber ran upstairs, but she was visibly very distressed by what had happened.

Do you think the actions of the gentlemen were brave or foolish? 

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