Top 10 Best Christmas Songs Ever

Hello everyone. Less than a week to go till the big day, and I am currently wrapping presents and listening to Christmas songs on the telly. Now I am a huge fan of Christmas songs, but top 10 lists in the telly never have the right ones. So I have decided to write the correct top ten Christmas songs list.
Red background, gold outline of a christmas tree on the right. Written in black the top 10 best christmas sings ever


This is the newest of the songs in this list. It combines all the classic ingredients of a good Christmas song such as a tale of love, children singing and a christmassy video with a touch of unique Darkness in the form of the word Bell(s)end sprinkled throughout the song.


One that doesn’t always turn up on Christmas song lists but it really should. I love the 70’s outfits and its a good tune too.


I know plenty of people love Michael Buble, but I personally think The Boss’s version of this song is the only one worth listening to. I was really sad to hear that the sax player who does the awesome ‘ho ho ho-ing’ passed away last year.


I love Band Aid. I know all the arguments against the song now, yes of course they celebrate Christmas in Africa, and they do get snow, and we shouldn’t be thanking god that someone else is suffering instead of us etc etc etc…. However I still maintain it is a great song, recorded with the best of intentions. It is worth saying that the original is the only version that should ever be played.


I have a  reindeer head that sings this song. Enough said…..


George Michael was one of my teenage crushes. What teenage girl in the 80’s didn’t want to spend a snowy christmas with George?


This is one of two songs on my list that came out the year I was born. It really isn’t Christmas until you hear Noddy screaming ‘its Chriiiissttmmmaasss’ in every supermarket you go into.


Some people say this is not a Christmas song. Those people are wrong and should play no part in deciding christmas song lists. It is one of the most beautiful songs ever. And if its validity as a christmas song is in question it just means I am justified in listening to it all year round.


The second song in my list that was released in 1973. It just edges on front of Slade by account of having kids singing on the song. I wonder if their grown up selves are proud of the fact that they stared on this classic christmas video?


I’m sure everyone who reads this post will have a slightly different view of what songs should make the top 10 list, and even though they are wrong I totally respect all of those opinions. However there can only ever be one song at #1. This wonderful song sums up all that is good and bad about christmas and I love it.

*side note, this can only ever be sung by Kirsty Macoll and Shane McGowan. Versions sung by other people (im looking at you Ronan Keating) should be set fire to.*

Do you have ant favourites that you feel should be on my list? Are there any that need to be taken off the list?



It has be bought to my attention that my list is missing some vital songs, so I’m adding another 5 to the list…..






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Thank you, Mrs A Xx

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  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    December 26, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    You’re so right about number 1! I think it’s actually one of my favourite songs ever. My top five includes Slade, Shakin’ Stevens, Wizard and John Lennon/ Yoko Ono. Pleased to see you don’t have Mariah Carey on there!

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